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About us

Marchand Company is a family-owned and operated corporation founded in 2002 by brothers Steve and Tom Marchand.  With professional experience dating back to 1986, Steve and Tom have built Marchand Company into one of Northeast Ohio’s premier painting companies offering a beautifully colored palette of nearly unlimited services today.


From the simplest bedroom ceiling repaint to the most involved wall and wood coating such as woodgraining and stone, Marchand Company works to bring the very best in painting applications. With years of experience in staining, painting and wallpapering; cabinet refinishing; new drywall finishing and old plaster repair; and even siding and stucco restoration; there is virtually no surface both interior or exterior that is out of reach. 


Marchand Company knows well that the key to success in every application is found in the foundational prep work that accompanies it. That’s why every project, regardless of size or shape, is given the same diligent care and concern.


With a special emphasis on residential repaints, Marchand Company is committed to delivering the finest product available by brush, roller, or spray.  It does so through a constant desire for and commitment to excellence. Seeking to create a bankable trust with every client, Marchand Company approaches all projects with the utmost respect. To be sure, smoking, offensive language and radios never accompany employees on the job.  


 It's All in the Details

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Serving Northeastern Ohio since 2002

Brothers, Steve & Tom

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